Feeding Birds during the Winter Months

Winter is a great time to feed birds, but what should you feed them?  Kachemak Bay Birder B.J. Hitchcock explains the type of food for different birds, be it store bought or homemade, along with different types of feeders (article published November 21, 2018).  And don’t forget that bird feeders do need to be cleaned periodically.  Birds also need a source of water. 

Winter is a great time to feed the birds

What Just Hit My Window?

Most of us have had birds strike/collide with the windows at our home.  We are disheartened by the death or injury of birds when this happens.  But what can we do?  Kachemak Bay Birder, Michelle Michaud lets us know in her recent Homer News article:  https://www.homernews.com/opinion/what-just-hit-my-window/

Find out what you can do, and what others have done, to prevent these window strikes/collisions.

Fishing net on reflective window at Two Sisters Bakery
Poster Paint on Window – easy to wash off.  Be creative.
Fishing net on deck at Carla Stanley’s house.
Window tape on my house.

Photos by Michelle Michaud

Meet the Corvids – Part 2: Jays and Magpie

The second installment of our “Meet the Corvids” was published in the Homer News on Thursday, April 14, 2018.  For a complete copy of the online version of the article go to: http://homernews.com/local-news/2018-04-12/year-bird-meet-corvids-part-ii

Black-billed Magpie – Photo by Robin Edwards
Gray Jay – Photo by Michelle Michaud
Juvenile Black-billed Magpie – Photo by Ronda McGhee
Steller’s Jay – Photo by Michelle Michaud

It’s A Great Day to Bird


Meet the Corvids – Part 1: Common Raven and Northwestern Crow

This article is Part One of a two part serves on the different corvids found in the Homer Area. Part Two: Jays and Magpie will be featured in the Homer News in April.

For a link to the article in the Homer News go to: http://www.homernews.com/outdoor-features/2018-03-29/year-bird-meet-corvids-part-1-common-raven-and-northwestern-crow

Common Raven (background) and Northwestern Crow (foreground). Photo by Randy Weisser