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SURFBIRDS, CROSSBILLS, Beluga Slough Arrivals

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:03 pm
by lani
Carla Stanley reported 53 SURFBIRDS at the Deep Water Dock on Saturday. (George West's list of average earliest arrival dates says April 30th.)

RED CROSSBILLS reported at the top of West Hill coming to a feeder, reported by Jinky Handy.

From George Matz:
Some new arrivals at Beluga Slough.
A TRUMPETER SWAN was resting out in the middle of the slough. May be its waiting for some open water on the lake.
Besides the MALLARDS and AMERICAN WIGEONS, saw a male and female EURASIAN WIGEON (saw two males yesterday), male and female NORTHERN SHOVELER, male NORTHERN PINTAIL male GREEN-WINGED TEAL and some COMMON GOLDENEYE. In addition there were the usual gulls and corvids.