Reports as of April 15th

Bird sightings and reports from around the Kachemak Bay area in Alaska
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Reports as of April 15th

Postby lani » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:47 pm

Nina Faust saw a BELTED KINGFISHER at the outlet of Beluga Slough on the 13th. She said she’s seen it near the sign there and it cooperates by sitting still long enough for photos. Earlier one was seen near the outlet of the Lake by the culvert on a tree snag.

Reports of a BROWN CREEPER on Beluga Lake near the Homer NEWS office. And the pair of TRUMPETER SWANS that has been down in Beluga Slough feeding is now being seen up on their old nesting site at the head of the Lake.

Reports of VARIED THRUSH singing have come in from all over town (except where I’ve been). SONG SPARROWS singing, AMERICAN ROBINS in many places, Chickadees too. And lucky Lori Paulsrud up 6 miles on the North Fork Rd. heard a RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET singing!!

The SURFBIRDS that were on the Spit earlier continued on their way. GREATER and/or LESSER YELLOWLEGS were reported during the Shorebird Monitoring on Thursday at almost every site: Anchor River, Beluga Slough, Mud Bay, Lighthouse Village, Louie’s Lagoon and the end of the Spit.

No SANDHILL CRANE reports as of Saturday afternoon, according to Nina Faust. If you see any cranes, please contact Kachemak Crane Watch, or call 235-6262.
Photo by Nina Faust

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