Mystery Shorebird

Bird sightings and reports from around the Kachemak Bay area in Alaska
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Mystery Shorebird

Postby sealion » Thu May 25, 2017 10:58 am

Carol Harding, Randy Wiesser and myself saw this shorebird at the very end of our shorebird monitoring session at Louie's Lagoon last evening at about 4:20 pm. We first saw it on the lower beach near the barge launch and it moved Southward. It was with a Semipalmated Plover for size comparison. We did not get a photo and never got closer than 150', so only scope views. So I did this drawing. I saw a slight upturned bill and not much else that was remarkable. It apparently was a solid, warm gray, unpatterned dorsal side. The throat, chest, belly and ventral area were all off-white with no barring or other marks that we could see. The underside of the wing was very whitish, outlined by gray.

It was "puddle-jumping" and hard to get close to, finally leaving when we weren't looking. Randy followed it but never re-found it. I went back after our caucus and walked the whole area from the Fishing Hole outlet to the Barge Basin outlet, didn't see it. I went back today at 5:00pm and walked the beach from the Barge Basin to the end of Louie's Lagoon outer beach, did not see it.

I initially thought it might be a Terek Sandpiper, non-breeder. After looking at several photos of the Terek I don't think it is that, the Terek has a heavier, longer bill.

Any ideas, anybody?

Bird on!
Gary Lyon

PS: Tonight I saw the following shorebirds at Louie's;
1) Marbled Godwit
6) Dowitcher sp.
21) Western Sandpipers
3) Ruddy Turnstones
x) Semipalmated Plovers
Also 1) Jaeger (likely Long-tailed) and 1) Tern sp.
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