Crane Count at Beluga Slough: 8-25-28

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Crane Count at Beluga Slough: 8-25-28

Postby lani » Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:28 pm

Crane Count at Beluga Slough: 8-25-18

Beautiful evening with no rain or wind and steady incoming groups of SANDHILL CRANES from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, plus many other very interesting birds to keep us happy in between.

Our main task was to get a total number of cranes and determine how many were colts. So as each group landed, we looked carefully to see which were colts (no red on their head), a task that got a little more difficult as darkness came on. Tonight's final crane count was 109 cranes.

We were amazed to have excellent sightings of a PEREGRINE FALCON, a NORTHERN HARRIER, and a MERLIN! Very exciting to see them all and the Merlin sat out on a log for the last hour or so, possibly digesting a previous meal. Very beautiful coloration on his chest with the lighting we had then. Also saw a BELTED KINGFISHER, heard yellowlegs.

What a beautiful spot in Beluga Slough there at the end of the pathway out from the end of Bunnell St. We missed the picnic table that used to be there which washed away in a high tide plus storm. We were talking tonight maybe we should write a letter to the City asking if they could replace it? A wonderful place to sit and maybe we birders could help them anchor a table securely there so it couldn't get washed away?

Next Crane Count is next Saturday, Sept. 1st., and then the last on Sept 8th.

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