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Beluga Slough Crane Count: 9-8-18

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:39 pm
by lani
Crane Count Day #3 was a beautiful evening in Beluga Slough. Thanks to many folks who were there helping with counting and finding colts when the groups came in. Nina was able to get a good total count and a good count of the colts. That's important to tell the nesting success for this year and she said the numbers of colts seemed to be up on her preliminary numbers.

There were 152 adults and 25 colts counted for a total of 177 cranes. One large group of 73 landed at the end, with great fanfare, but they may not have been "our" cranes, just passing through and finding a good roosting spot for the night.

Nina reported Monday morning that a group of 65 had left her Inspiration Ridge area, going toward the head of the Bay.

Other interesting birds were also in the Slough during the count time. In flew a pair of swans! In flew a single NORTHERN SHOVELER! We saw a BELTED KINGFISHER, a Jaeger (sp) there were 5 WILSON SNIPES nearby the whole time we were there. They seemed not to care about our group of people, talking and sometimes shouting exuberantly when groups of cranes came. The snipes just kept on eating right there along the bank.

It was a Great Night to Bird!