Year of the Bird Fishline Cleanup: 9-15-18

Bird sightings and reports from around the Kachemak Bay area in Alaska
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Year of the Bird Fishline Cleanup: 9-15-18

Postby lani » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:37 pm

Ten Kachemak Bay Birders worked for a couple hours Saturday picking up monofilament fishline around the Fishing Hole on the Spit. We found plenty! The weather cooperated with only a few sprinkles and not too cold.

Picking up fishline is hard work, but take a look at this photo of all we managed to get out of the environment! No doubt prevented some birds from getting entangled? Those of us who do the COASST beached bird surveys have found entangled birds which is totally preventable with cleanups such as these combined with some awareness-raising publicity for the future.

We had some help from the Center for Alaska Coastal Studies who had a general beach cleanup from Land's End to the Fishing Hole, walking down the east side of the spit. They ended with a BBQ lunch provided by the Rotary, to which we were invited and then they helped us with some of the Fishing Hole cleanup. Thanks to them for the food and the help!

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