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Owl Banding: 10-5-18 (continued)

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:47 am
by lani
Continuation of report from Jim Herbert.

A small group of birders [9] visited Jason Sodergren's owl banding
operation on Friday. Jason was a great host and excellent teacher. He
showed the group how to set out the mist nets that capture owls and
turned on the field speaker that lured them in. Over the two hours the
group was there, three Saw-whet owls were captured.

While talking about the biology of owls, Jason processed the captured
birds. He weighed and measured them and determined under a "black
light" their age [all were young of the year]. The birds were
surprisingly docile, though clicked their bills in annoyance.

Upon completion of the owl examinations Jason allowed three lucky
birders to hold the birds on their hands and release them into the
night. All learned lots from their experience with Jason. Many thanks
to him for his time and efforts.