Kachemak Bay Bird Alert Information: 10-4-14

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Kachemak Bay Bird Alert Information: 10-4-14

Postby lani » Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:56 pm

October 4, 2014
A SKYLARK was seen at the Anchor River on September 28th. This species is listed as native to North Africa and Eurasia, introduced to the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island. No records for Kachemak Bay, but one was seen at Deep Creek in 2012. There have been no further reports of this bird.

Also at the Anchor River ...on October 1st a Golden Plover, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER (2), LAPLAND LONGSPUR, AMERICAN PIPIT, AND SAVANNAH SPARROWS were seen. A juv. RED PHALAROPE was seen in the river on the 30th. On the September 12th a juv. BLUE-WINGED TEAL was seen; the report said or possibly was a Cinnamon Teal. On the 13th on the Kachemak Bay Birders' trip some species seen there were GREAT BLUE HERON, PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER, SANDERLING, WILSON'S SNIPE, LAPLAND LONGSPUR, BELTED KINGFISHER, SAVANNAH SPARROW, HORNED and TUFTED PUFFIN, KITTLITZ'S and MARBLED MURRELETS, BONAPARTE'S GULL, DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT.

At Bishop's Beach on the 30th a SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER was seen and photographed. Several people got to see it.

On the 28th a CASSIN'S AUKLET was seen near Cohen Island. LONG-TAILED DUCKS, DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS and PACIFIC LOONS were also seen in that area.

Out at Alpine Meadow Rd near Eveline Park (15 miles out East End Rd.), a family of 5 SPRUCE GROUSE was seen on the 26th.

There was a report of a NORTHERN FLICKER across from the Old Tern Colony on Kachemak Drive last week.

As far as we know, except for one crane with a broken wing, all the cranes have left, but just in case here is the contact number for Cranewatch, 235-6262 or reports@cranewatch.org. (Or you can just keep it for next year...only 6 months and they'll be back!)

Access to bird sightings/rep
Check the SIGHTINGS BOARD on the Kachemak Bay Birders' website for new postings: viewforum.php?f=2

Or the Kenai Peninsula Birding Website http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/kpbi ... s/messages

Or AKBirding: http://birding.aba.org/maillist/AK01

To submit reports
You can email a report of a bird sighting to peep@islandsandocean.org . The PEEP phone line has been discontinued but it is also possible to report birds by posting on Kachemak Bay Birders' website “Bird Sightings” viewforum.php?f=2

Let us know if you want to receive a copy of these reports by email.

IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BIRD! A Great Area to bird!

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