Humpback Whale, Btw Spit and Gull Is

Other (non-bird) wildlife sightings around Kachemak Bay, Alaska
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Humpback Whale, Btw Spit and Gull Is

Postby Joel » Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:53 am

I didn't remember until now that there was a non-bird sighting topic, but better late than never!

Humpback Whale has been spotted regularly over the weekend. On Monday, June 15, we were on our way to Halibut Cove for dinner and we saw a humpback breaching and flipper flapping for about 15 minutes. The crew on the Danny J said they saw it in the same area on their return to Homer at 4pm from lunch service.

They also said they have seen it around that area between Gull Island to the end of the Spit, and up east more into the Bay.

If you're on the water, keep your eyes peeled! Apparently it's been very cooperative with folks and is sticking around. Be sure to watch sea life responsibly, however! ;)

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