Kachemak Bay Bird Alert Information: 3-11-16

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Kachemak Bay Bird Alert Information: 3-11-16

Postby lani » Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:35 pm


On March 9th there was a report of 3 SANDHILL CRANES flying low over the Beluga Lake/Slough area. According to Nina Faust of Kachemak Crane Watch, there are occasionally reports of some “flying high and probably heading north as early as the first week of April.  Reports of local cranes usually start coming in mid-April...With changing weather patterns and reports of a bit earlier departure from Central California, the cranes may have made a fast migration.” Usual expected date of arrival here is April 17th so this is way ahead. Please report any cranes you see!! Send crane reports to reports@cranewatch.org or call 235-6262.  

A single TRUMPETER SWAN was seen on February 15th and a few days later there were two, in open water on the north side of upper Beluga Lake near where there is often a nest. They are easily seen from the Airport Observation Platform on the FAA Rd.

The ANNA'S HUMMING BIRDS and a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW that have been visiting a feeder east of town on Portlock Street continue to be seen this week. The Anna's that was on Thompson St. is no longer being seen there.

Many CRESTED AUKLETS(32) were seen out in the Bay between Homer and Seldovia on Feb. 23rd and some were seen from Land's End that day also.
The large flock of ROCK SANDPIPERS is seen feeding nearly every day in Mud Bay and some of them on east toward Miller's Landing and beyond; during the high tide period they are often seen in the Harbor resting along the north east bank. On Feb. 22nd there were 3000 ROCK SANDPIPERS and 160 DUNLIN. This information is from Aaron Lang who said that about 5-10% of the Rock Sandpipers were “nominate ptilocnemis (the Pribilof Island race)”. Large numbers have been here since January but the Dunlin numbers are much higher now, he reported.

A BRAMBLING continues to visit a feeder up on Baycrest Hill since the end of December, though periods of time when it does not appear.
The NORTHERN FLICKER (yellow shafted) that was coming to a feeder on Kachemak Drive near Lampert Lake has not been seen recently. But I'm mentioning this in hopes maybe folks in that area would be on the lookout for this great bird. Only a female has been seen but hopes that there is a pair; several years ago there was a nest in that area.

A warbler, probable ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, was seen the week of February 16th just below the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center. (George West lists average earliest arrival date as May 17th!)

The group of 30 EUROPEAN STARLINGS that has been seen in the McDonald's area since the last day in January still seems to be hanging around in that area. Some smaller groups are also being seen in other outlying parts of town. 30 is a significant increase, unfortunately from past reports of a “handful” occasionally seen here.

Many NORTHERN SHRIKE reports from all over including one with a deformed bill up near the Hospital on Feb. 23rd. Photos on the Kachemak Bay Birders' website, http://kachemakbaybirders.org.

The die-off of COMMON MURRES is greatly lessened although many old carcasses still on the beach.

The Great Backyard Bird Count was February 12-15th. Homer reports were included in the 61 species seen but the area encompasses the whole Kenai Peninsula; Homer/Kachemak Bay does not have a separate listing that I can figure out. (If anyone knows how to see a list of just Homer birds, I'd love to know to do that.) Check out what was seen http://ebird.org/ebird/gbbc/subnational ... 122?yr=all

Access to bird sightings/rep
Check the SIGHTINGS BOARD on the Kachemak Bay Birders' website for new postings: viewforum.php?f=2

Or the Kenai Peninsula Birding Website http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/kpbi ... s/messages

Or AKBirding: http://birding.aba.org/maillist/AK01

To submit reports
You can email a report of a bird sighting to peep@islandsandocean.org . The PEEP phone line has been discontinued but it is also possible to report birds by posting on Kachemak Bay Birders' website “Bird Sightings” viewforum.php?f=2

Let us know if you want to receive a copy of these reports by email.

It's a Great Day to Bird!!

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