Kachemak Bay Birders, established in 2008, is an informal organization of individuals interested in birds, birding, and the conservation of birds.  We have no membership fees; our meetings and trips are free and open to the public.




April 13-May 23rd Shorebird Monitoring Project (surveys every 5 days). Contact George Matz for more information or to volunteer, 235-9344.

April 29th—Monthly Meeting and Presentation by Steve Ebbert: “Introduced Fox Eradication in the Aleutians to Restore Seabird Islands”

“Arctic and red foxes were first stocked by fur merchants on islands in the Aleutian chain and elsewhere as early as 1750. In most cases, foxes easily overwhelmed seabird populations that were using the mammal-free islands for breeding and nesting. Two hundred years later, the US Fish and Wildlife Service began successfully eradicating non-native foxes on refuge islands to restore island habitat for native nesting birds, primarily seabirds, but also benefitting waterfowl and shorebirds. To date, more than 40 islands totaling over 1.5 million acres has been restored to fox-free status. As a Wildlife Biologist for the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Steve Ebbert continued the this work for 22 years before retiring in 2017, and he will present some highlights of this unique project.”

April 30th–Festival Fundraiser BIRD OF PREY from 6:30-8:00 pm

“The Philippine Eagle is a bird of extremes.  It’s the world’s largest and rarest eagle, found only in the Philippines.  Fewer than 800 individuals remain today, and the future of these iconic raptors is tied to the fate of the Bird of Prey.”  What will it take to save this species from extinction.  

May 9th-12th Shorebird Festival!!

May 20th—Monthly Meeting + Potluck+ Slides!!

All meetings are at the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center (Homer, Alaska) and start at 5:00 pm.  Presentations start right after the meeting, unless otherwise noted.  All meetings are free and everyone is welcome. Co-sponsored by Kachemak Bay Birders and the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. For more information: Lani Raymond (399-9477), lanibirder@gmail.com.




April 14th (Sunday) to the Anchor River.  Meet at IOVC to carpool at 10:30 am or in the boat launch parking lot at the Anchor River at 11:00 am.  Leader: Michael Craig, 235-0631.

May 18th to Baycrest Trails. Meet at IOVC to carpool at 6:45 am or at the trailhead at 7:00 am.  Leader: George Matz 235-9344.

All trips and activities cosponsored by Kachemak Bay Birders and the Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.