Great Backyard Bird Count

Thank you to the many birders who participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count this year. It is an important way to help with the counting of birds in our area and finding some very interesting ones also. If you would like to check out what was submitted on the Kenai Peninsula, check out
Some very interesting birds we found here in Homer were the RUSTIC BUNTING, NORTHERN FLICKER, and WHITE-THROATED SPARROW. (The White-throated Sparrow has an interesting story concerning how it was reported. Apparently—and this is just a story I heard second-hand—the location was initially given with longitude and latitude coordinates. However with one little number typo error, this bird ended up located in Russia, not Homer! So this Homer birder was able not just to see all the way to Russia, but see a really great bird in Russia from his living room window! And then enter it on the GBBC which fortunately now is international…)